Baptisms and Christenings

What's going on here?

What is Baptism?

Becoming part of the Christian family around the world through the ceremony of baptism is one of the most important choices we can make either for ourselves or for our children. Christening is another name for this same service which takes place only once in a lifetime.

It is a time for celebration and commitment. Often this service is conducted for infants or young children, and so parents and godparents make certain promises on their behalf. But we are also finding an increasing number of adults who for various reasons were not christened as children and now decide to be baptised. When an adult is baptised they make the promises for themselves.

Where do the services take place?

We conduct baptisms in St Mary’s, Woodham Ferrers, for families who live in the Parish of Woodham Ferrers and Bicknacre, and also families living in South Woodham Ferrers. Baptisms normally take place in the parish where you live unless there is a strong connection to another church. For example, couples who were married at St Mary’s but now live elsewhere often come back to have their children baptised here.

Out of courtesy if the baptism is taking place here and you live elsewhere, we ask that you request permission from your local vicar first.

When do the services take place?

The date and time will be agreed with the minister. We usually have one family group per baptism service.

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Choosing Godparents?

When we baptise infants or young children godparents are chosen. Traditionally it is usually two godfathers and one godmother for a boy, and two godmothers and one godfather for a girl.

Each godparent must have been baptised themselves (either as a child or as an adult), as there are important Christian promises that they make on behalf of the child. If the person you would like to have as a godparent is not already baptised, please check with the clergy and we may be able to arrange for their baptism as well.

How do we arrange a baptism?

The first step is to contact the Parish Minister to book an appointment to meet together. At this meeting the baptism service will be explained in detail, any questions answered and the baptism application form filled in.

Priest in charge

The Reverend Carol Ball
phone: 01245 322134