Vacancy in the Parish of Woodham Ferrers and Bicknacre

The situation... (that's vacant).

Since Mary our previous vicar retired in July 2011, we have been in a period of vacancy. However, this doesn't mean that life has stopped at our churches.

We are blessed with a variety of talented and willing people who have stepped up and taken on some of the work that a vicar would typically have done, such as leading the regular Sunday services. This has been an opportunity for our authorised local preachers to put their studies into practice. It has also been a chance to hear from a variety of visiting clergy, to whom we are extremely grateful for their support.

We rely on them for the things that we cannot do without an ordained minister, such as communion, baptisms, weddings and funerals. So while we are managing to keep the church going with this assistance (treading water if you like), we are seeking someone to take on this leadership position, so that we can begin to start moving our church forward again.

Who are we looking for?

The vacant position is for a "House for Duty" Associate minister. What this means, is that the person taking the position would not be paid a salary as such (non-stipendiary), but the person would have use of Church House (and reasonable expenses) in return for working two days a week and a Sunday. Having had a House for Duty vicar previously, we are realistic in our expectations and understand that anyone taking this part-time role will need support from the congregation. We have learnt that with encouragement, prayer and God's will, we can achieve amazing things. As a parish, we think this would be a great opportunity for someone to bring their enthusiasm and spiritual leadership, to see the difference they can make in this community.

Why choose this parish?

We understand that choosing where to dedicate your time and efforts is not something lightly entered into. We advertised the vacancy in the summer and have had no applications at this time. But we are not disheartened, as we have faith that God will provide the right person (and we hope that anyone considering the position does too!). Although we have tried our best to summarise the parish in the parish profile, we hope that the videos below will help anyone interested in this position understand a bit more about our parish.

Vicar Vacancy

Cafe Church

More Information.

The actual full advert for the job, with all the detailed information on the position and how to apply, will be on the Chelmsford Dioscesan website along with the parish profile and the role description document.

Should you wish to have an informal conversation about this vacancy, Canon Martin Wood, Mission and Ministry Adviser in the Bradwell Episcopal Area, would be happy to discuss it.

01268 552219

or at the office of the Bishop of Bradwell:
01375 673806